A tale of one village

Music: Michael Lovelock
Book and Lyrics: Claire Rivers

An annual cycle race causes uproar when the locals campaign against strangers in their village. A young man with an Olympic dream fights against them, and reconciles with a character from his past.

Our story begins in a small Surrey village, midway through the annual Surrey Cycle Classic Race, winding through the Surrey villages and resulting in the closure of over 1000 roads. The inhabitants of the village are grumbling about the race – the disruption, the people, the litter – and want to get it stopped.

An idealistic young man named Billy wants to save the race as he is a keen cyclist, and dreams of cycling in the Olympics, as he knows his father always wanted to do before he disappeared. The Mayor of the village shouts Billy down, saying no one ever leaves the village, and that he’ll never make it as a cyclist.

Billy sets off on a journey to achieve his destiny and, more importantly, to finally discover where he really comes from.

Lovelock & Rivers are redeveloping “Cycles” as an audio podcast, exploring the exciting lives of the various villagers. More information will follow.