Tall, Thin & Blonde

Based on the novel by Dyan Sheldon

Music: Michael Lovelock
Book and Lyrics: Claire Rivers

Until high school, Jenny’s world was science and having fun with her best friend, Amy. They can’t stand shallow, immature girls… so what happens when one of them turns into one?

Jenny and Amy have been best friends since kindergarten. They have everything in common: love of science, swimming, being unique, and a mutual dislike of shallow, immature girls who have nothing to talk about except clothes and boys. That is, until they get to Red Bay High School.

Over the summer, Jenny goes to science camp, as usual, but Amy stays behind to compete in the county swimming championships. When Jenny finally sees Amy again after their first week of high school, she finds a strange new version of her old best friend: taller, thinner and blonder. The new Amy drinks diet soda, wears high heels and makeup, and – weirdest of all ­ the new Amy is a cheerleader.

Meanwhile, Jenny locks horns with the head of the science department, Mr Herrera, who refuses to excuse her from his dissection class. Jenny mulls over ways to avoid having to cut up a frog, and is helped by her own new group of friends – a quartet of misfits known within the school as “The Martians” – Marva, Tanya, John and Sue.

Jenny doesn’t know what to think about Amy’s transformation, but trusts her best friend when she convinces Jenny to put on a dress and heels to attend a dance at the high school. Jenny has a terrible evening, watching Amy mingle with her “cool” new friends and dance with the football quarterback. She feels as though she is in danger of losing Amy forever. Despondent after the dance, Jenny tries to hide from her new friends as they try to cheer her up. She also avoids Amy, who only seems to confuse her lately. When Amy corners Jenny on a walk home from school, they argue about how much Amy has changed. Amy retaliates by telling Jenny all the ways that she, Jenny, should change if she ever wants to fit in. Jenny storms off, claiming to not care what Amy thinks, but following Amy’s cruel attack on the way she looks, acts and dresses, Jenny feels as though everyone she passes is staring at her. She considers ways she could change and vows to fit in with Amy’s new life, thus winning her best friend back…

“Tall, Thin and Blonde” is currently being considered for production by several youth theatre groups.